Welcome to The SureShot Golf Company

The SureShot Golf Co. began with a vision to provide golfer’s a new way to practice their golf swing.Player’s of all ages and abilities from beginners to professionals can work on their golf swing whenever they feel the urge. You know that overwhelming feeling to just get out and hit a few balls. Golfers need to practice their golf swing using a real golf ball and they need to receive instant feedback if they are to improve.

At SureShot we believe a proper golf swing trainer must transfer the “feel” of your golf swing from when you practice to when you play. What better way to do this than build a golf swing trainer that uses a real golf ball. SureShot is the purest and simpliest form to practice your golf swing on the market today. We have designed a golf swing trainer that allows you to practise your full swing using a real ball and provides instant feedback on your shot (good or bad) all in a controlled environment.

SureShot is portable, lightweight,durable,fun and easy to use and best of all fits right in your golf bag. You can now practice your golf swing anytime and virtually anywhere. SureShot can be played in the yard, park, schoolyard, golf course, almost any grassy area will do. SureShot is great anytime of day or under lights for use at night.

Players can practice:

  • golf swing
  • acurracy
  • set-up and stance
  • real ball contact

SureShot works great as an/for:

  • instructional tool for golf teachers
  • regular practice
  • correcting slices and hooks
  • practicing new techniques
  • warm-up before a game
  • or for those times you can’t get out to play

What’s more simple than using a real golf ball to practice your golf swing? We believe the more time you spend practicing your golf swing using a real ball the greater your confidence will become. SureShot will help you develop a better understanding of where your club needs to be through impact. Simply put the SureShot golf swing trainer can help you develop a better golf swing. And after all isn’t that what the game is all about. It’s an old cliche but never a truer word spoken “Practice makes Perfect” and SureShot will make your “Practice Perfect”